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Now’s Your Chance To Save On Next Halloween!


By the time Halloween is over and done with, we’re tired and ready to put it all away. The candy lingers, but the decorations go back in the garage and the costumes get tucked away in the backs of closets, likely never to be worn again. The last thing you’re thinking about is next year’s Halloween. But, if you’re the type of family that loves to go all out, and you wish there was a way to save a buck or two on doing so, right after Halloween is exactly when you should be thinking about next year.

Every retail store that sells Halloween themed items, be they costumes, decorations or candy, put all their Halloween products on sale, sometimes even right before Halloween. You can do your entire Halloween next year for a mere fraction of the cost! Here are some places to check:

Real Canadian Superstore

Check the bulk section here for Halloween candy which is usually drastically reduced the day after Halloween. You can also check the seasonal section as well, for decorations, costumes and more at a huge discount.

Value Village

Costumes, makeup, wigs, props, and Halloween decor here are all usually on for at least half price after Halloween. The Mecca of Halloween gear, this place could completely outfit your entire Halloween next year for pennies.


Every year, Walmart has a huge selection of Halloween products that are all reasonably priced to begin with, but after Halloween? They’re all dirt cheap! You name it: costumes, candy, decorations - they reduce prices on it all.

Your local dollar store

This is another great source for everything you need for Halloween and many of these stores promptly drop the prices on all their spooky merchandise the day after trick or treating is done.


These are all great places to start looking for deals on November 1st, but don’t limit yourself to these. Check any store you know of that sells Halloween gear and you’re likely going to find it on sale. It’s the easiest way to save on next year’s Halloween - and you’ll be glad you did it when it finally rolls around again.

What places do you shop at for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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