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Save Your Dough: 12 DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids


Halloween is just before the holidays. It’s a time when, really, you should be saving your money to soften the blow of Christmas. Splurging on lots of decorations, tons of candy and expensive store bought costumes is probably not in your best interest if you’re trying to improve your financial well-being. So, why not consider a DIY costume this year? I found these browsing through Pinterest - some fun, easy DIY costumes that your kids will love. Save your money, and dress your babies up in these:

Boo from Monster’s Inc. - Probably the easiest costume in this list, all you need, at any age, is purple leggings, a long pink shirt and pigtails:

Clark Kent - I know your little guy has a nice little dress shirt in the back of his closet. Just leave a few buttons open, and wear a superman shirt underneath, with some nerdy black frames:

Sadness from Inside Out - If your child has short-ish hair, you don’t even need the wig for this one. Instead, just use blue hairspray:

Minion - I think this series of movies is in everyone’s list of faves, and any kid would love to go as one of these cute little yellow guys. All you need is a yellow shirt, overalls, and some big goggles glasses:

Rubik’s cube - Is a cardboard box, some electrician’s tape and some paint easy enough? Get your kids to dress up as a puzzle:

Turn a white poncho into a ghost - I am pretty sure just a white sheet would work in place of a poncho as well. Just cut into an old bedsheet:

Princess Leia - All you need for this one is a white dress, gold belt and the skills to make those space-traveling buns:

Emoji - Choose your favourite emoji! Even just a yellow shirt and yellow leggings would work here. I don’t think you need the tutu:

A bandit - This is super easy and so adorable, and your son or daughter is bound to be the talk of Halloween:

Black cat - Every little girl wants to go as a cat at least once in their lives, so why not make it this year. This costume could probably be done last minute, too:

Jelly beans - Totally a last minute costume, all you need is balloons, a clear garbage bag and a printout of the Jelly Belly logo. Brilliant:

Mario & Luigi - If you can draw a moustache, you can handle these costumes:

What is your favourite DIY, low-cost costume for halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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