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With The High Cost Of Food, Here’s How To Adjust And Save

Save money on groceries

It feels like food is just getting more and more expensive, doesn’t it? Like your grocery bills are higher than ever. It was surprising to find out though, that recently food prices took their first annual drop in 17 years. It’s true! Food prices in Canada have finally dropped for the first time in nearly two decades. Yet it doesn't feel that way; we are still looking for ways to save money on groceries.

While this is good news, it doesn’t take away from the fact that food is expensive. It’s probably one of the biggest expenses in every family household, especially if you have a tendency to go out for meals from time to time. There are ways to make our food consumption a little less expensive though. Here are five ways to save money on groceries:

Go Vegetarian

No, not for every meal, but for some, why not eliminate meat altogether? Meat is the most expensive part of most meals and sometimes it’s totally unnecessary. For instance, if you’re having a lasagna, leave the ground beef out. Right there, you could be saving as much as $10 on just one meal. There are loads of satisfying vegetarian recipes out there that your family will love, too. Just find the ones they like and you’ll be saving a ton!

Collect Loyalty Points

Make sure you’re shopping at a place that gives out loyalty points. Especially if you can spend those points on groceries in the future. Always have your card on hand and if you accidentally forget, keep your receipt and make sure you collect the points the next time you’re in the store. You’d be amazed how fast these points accumulate and how quickly you can do an entire grocery shop for free. It’s even faster if you get a credit card that offers the same points on all your purchases.

Buy in Bulk

If you have access to a Costco or a President’s Choice club store, grab some of your most common items in bulk. You’re going to get them at a pretty significant discount. The key here is only to buy things at Costco that you would have bought anyway - many people end up buying loads of stuff they don’t often use or don’t need and wind up overspending. Just grab what you already had on your list and get out!

Buy Local

Locally grown produce, locally produced eggs, milk, cheese, and meat can all be cheaper. It’s going to be even cheaper if you buy it directly from the farmer themselves. If you live in or around a farming community, take advantage of it! You will save money and get higher quality products.

Pasta, Beans, Rice and Potatoes

These foods are all super filling and barely cost anything. They just seem to keep going and going and going. Plus, when well-planned, these can all be the basis of some pretty nutritional meals. And they all seem to taste even better reheated in the microwave for lunch the next day, too.

It’s great news that food costs in Canada dropped for once, but the overall trend is likely to be upward over the next few years. So these tips ought to continue to help you keep your grocery bills to a minimum.

What are some of your favourite money-saving tips when it comes to groceries? Let us know in the comments!

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