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Welcome to Our New Blog

Stay strong!

It’s Monday, I get it. You’re back to work after a nice, relaxing weekend. You don’t want to think about credit or finances or the debts you owe. You just want your coffee and to be left alone with your work (and let’s face it, a little extracurricular web surfing if you’ve found yourself here).

Well, I’ve got good news for you. I’m not going to pull out the big guns today. In fact, every Monday from now on is going to be a little light hearted fun for you and I. It’s all part of our new and blog here at Refresh Financial. Sure, we want to teach you about credit and saving money and how to set and reach your own, personal financial goals, but on Monday? Nah. Monday’s just gonna be set aside for some good old fashioned fun. We have the rest of the week to drop knowledge bombs on you, but we’re just going to reserve Monday for the bubblegum; the posts that’ll make you laugh, smile or maybe just make your stomach growl with hunger.

From now on, the real genius tips; the educational posts that’ll turn on that lightbulb above your head; the ones that’ll see your savings grow and your credit tamed… Those posts will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As a Refresh Financial blog reader, you’re enrolled in online rich guy school. Our aim is to help you wash away the stress caused by personal finance. We’ll do that by teaching you how to save - not just in a savings account, but when you travel, when you shop, when you pay your bills. We’ll do that by teaching you how to rebuild your credit. We’ll do that by giving you all the habits, tips and tricks the pros use. We want to see you set financially so you don’t have to worry when it comes time to pay bills. The middle of the week will be your serious meat and potatoes.

Now, Fridays are whole other animal. We know you’ve pretty much checked out already. You can taste the ice cold beer in your near future, and you’re just staring at your work thinking about how nice sleeping in tomorrow will be. On Friday, it’s going to be back to the fun, easy to consume, entertaining pieces that’ll make you grin and wanna show your friends.

Each week we’ll have a new theme for you, and each month will stick to an overall topic as well. We want to know what questions you have for our financial experts, so send them to us here. As we get your questions, we’ll tackle them for you and post the answers throughout each month.

Our new blog is for you, and we want you to get the most out of it, so get involved! Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments, and let us know what you want to see us cover.

In the meantime, stay tuned this week for a more in-depth look at who we are, what we do here at Refresh Financial and what credit is all about.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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