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6 Ways You Can Enter The Canadian Housing Market


If you’ve been busy saving up and evaluating the money it would take for you to buy a house in Canada, you’re likely aware that it is becoming more difficult. First time home buyers are forced to find new and creative ways to enter the housing market.

Looking for a way to buy a house in Canada? Consider some of these options:

1. Family Assistance

Millennials who are fortunate enough to have family who are able to offer help for a down payment will have an easier time finding their home. According to the Wall Street Journal, many parents of millennials are refinancing their homes to get their children into the market.

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2. Don’t Overlook the Fixer Upper

When the price is far lower than the neighbourhood average, it’s most likely going to be sold “as is”. This means after you buy the home, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. If you are handy or have family and friends who are, this could be a great opportunity to get into a great neighbourhood at a lower price. It’s important to get a good understanding of what the building materials will cost and how much time is going to be invested when going with this method.

3. Rent Out The Basement

Paying off your home each month can be a little easier if your home is also generating extra funds for you. If you’re home has the ability to fit a kitchen, laundry, and a bed comfortably, then this option is right for you. Obviously, you run the risk of having noisy neighbours, but at least you will be making your monthly payments with ease.

Read this CBC article to see how this 31-year-old paid off his mortgage by renting the upstairs of his house.

4. Find A Distressed Property Sale

If you conduct your house search long and hard enough, you’re bound to come across a few gems. If you’re able to take advantage of a situation where a homeowner is forced to sell, you may be able to get a great house for an amazing discount.

5. Buy Outside The Big City

Depending on your wants and needs, the bigger house you desire is more affordable out of the major city. What can buy you a 600 square foot box in the sky in the city, could score your a 2 storey steal in the next town over. Check out these 5 spots in Canada where you can buy a nice home for less than 300k.

When buying outside of the city you work in, you have to make sure the money you’re saving isn’t going to cost you in the long run. For example, property taxes in the city of Toronto are typically cheaper than Mississauga or Ajax. If you are commuting in and out of Toronto’s downtown core each month your transit costs are going to nearly quadruple as well.

6. Rent-to-Own

When you rent-to-own, you typically pay a small down payment and a slightly higher-than-average monthly rent. After a couple of years, the forced savings from the higher rent and can be used towards the purchase down payment of the unit you’re living in. In this scenario, the landlord makes money and you’re able to own the walls you live in – A win-win situation for everyone.

Should You Still Be Playing The Waiting Game?

Sure, you don’t want to pay rent for the rest of your life, but you don’t necessarily need to leap into a 25 or 30-year mortgage right away. If you still need to improve your credit score and save for a bigger down payment, you can put yourself in a better situation to get a better mortgage and rate. If you need to rent or live at home for another year, that’s okay. The more time you give yourself to read up on the market and look for your ideal home, the more likely you are going to stumble upon a perfect spot right in your price range.

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