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Mortgage loan calculator

How much will a good credit score save you?

How much money can you save on mortgage interest payments based on your credit score?

Try our calculator below to see the difference yourself. Watch your payments grow and shrink, based on your credit score.

*Typically at least 5% of the mortgage amount

*Interest Rate

Monthly Payments

Monthly Interest

Down Payment

Total interest paid

Interest with better credit

Total interest paid

Savings with better credit
You qualify for the best interest rates available
You can now negotiate with lenders for the best rates
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Like a loan. But backwards.

We do things differently.


Boost your credit

Every payment you make towards your credit building loan gets reported to the credit bureaus, giving you that all important positive payment history.


Build your savings

By the end of your credit building program, you’ll have a stash of cash to use however you like*.


Get financial wisdom

Become financially savvy through our financial intelligence training and Dime Turner™ blog.


Say goodbye to no

Hearing no when it comes to your finances will become a thing of the past with a good credit score, financial fitness and savings up your sleeve.

How Do You Improve Your Credit Score When Buying a Home

Despite the huge hurdles, Canadians are still determined to be homeowners. We are tugging on those tethers trying to keep us from our goal. Against the odds, we're saving our down payments and opening our minds to smaller properties so we can pass the stress test. If you are one of these Canadians, determined to own a home no matter what is put in your way, you need to know how to protect your credit score through this process.

Here is some helpful insight in how to improve your credit score, in order to get the home and home mortgage you want.


How To Prepare Financially For Buying a Home

Buying your first home is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful, especially if you have poor credit and bad money habits. You can, however, reduce the stress of buying a home by ensuring you're financially prepared to do so. Here are four ways to ensure your finances are in order, before you start the process of buying your very first home.

*Savings begin to be built after paying off initial commitment fee.