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Answerbot has the answer to all your questions!

Lately, we have had feedback that the wait times to reach our call centre are too long. In most cases, our care agents are answering calls from clients asking questions that are answered directly within your dashboard! 

If you have a question about the Credit Builder Loan, the Secured Card, reporting to credit bureaus or anything else related to our products and services, navigate to the Knowledge Base  from within the Help Centre of your Refresh Dashboard before you call or email us. We’ve built a pretty neat Answerbot to scan through our database of questions and answers so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.  

Start typing your question in the space available and as you type, all the questions related to what you are asking will be presented to you, with answers.  

If you aren’t able to get an answer to your question (but we are pretty confident that we have almost every question covered!) you can open a help ticket from within the dashboard to ask your specific question. This is the quickest way to get an answer rather than calling in!  

Check out Knowledge Base and Answerbot now!


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  • Lawren Wendy Sutton says:

    I like this idea. Makes things so much quicker.

    I just hope I can do it properly. I’m not that tech savvy and may need help the first time.

    Way to go team!!!!