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New Feature: Instant Payments is Now Active!

Here at Refresh Financial we are proud of our commitment to ongoing system and process updates that enhance the customer experience for you, our valued clients, and we are constantly innovating to respond to the needs of our clients.

Early last year we launched an automated application process for our custom credit building solutions as well as a fully functional client dashboard to make building your credit score a breeze. In the 12 months since, we have released several major updates, including:

  • the addition of a tool that informs secured card customers when their balance exceeds 30% of their available limit (which can negatively impact your credit score)
  • the launch of knowledge base  – answers to every possible question we could think of related to Refresh Financial’s products.

Today we are thrilled to announce another major update that will vastly improve the experience Refresh customers have with our secured card product. We have added e-Transfer Request Money into the dashboard for making faster secured card balance payments, and for increasing secured card limits.

Request an e-Transfer to make a balance payment on your secured card 

E-Transfer Request Money is a feature of the INTERAC e-Transfer service that allows Refresh Financial to send you a request for funds for the amount of your balance that you wish to pay off. You make the initial payment request from your client dashboard which initiates a secure INTERAC e-Transfer money request to the bank account we have on file. You can respond to the money request either through online or mobile banking. Payments towards your Refresh Secured Card balance will be applied much faster than the previous Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) method of payment, freeing up your available funds sooner!

We know the PAD method of making a payment wasn’t fast enough for most of our clients which is why we’ve invested in implementing a faster alternative. We want our clients to have access to their money whenever they need it, and the two-weeks it took to apply a PAD payment toward your card balance was simply too long.

Request an e-Transfer to increase your secured card limit 

An e-transfer can also be used to request an increase to the limit on your secured card. Once again, from your Refresh dashboard navigate to the option to increase your card limit and follow the steps to initiate an e-transfer money request.

Request an e-Transfer to pay your initial security deposit 

We have also added this same Request e-Transfer feature to the initial application when clients send us their security deposit.

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