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How To Build Your Credit As A Student

How To Build Your Credit As A Student Important Debt Advice Before You Blow That Student Loan The entire purpose of furthering your education is to open up more money making opportunities. It’s to ensure your financial future is secure and bright. Sadly, many students in Canada are finding that post secondary is doing the […]...more

4 Tips That Will Boost Your Credit Score Almost Overnight

4 Tips That Will Boost Your Credit Score Almost Overnight When you think about increasing your credit score, you probably think about a long, difficult, drawn out process that requires a whole lot of self discipline and sacrifice. For the most part, this is true. But there are ways to see a near-immediate boost in […]...more

5 Things You May Not Know To Look For on Your Credit Report

5 Things You May Not Know To Look For on Your Credit Report Getting your credit report is a great first step in improving your credit. In fact, it’s a pretty necessary one. It can be confusing, though, to spot the specific information that adds up to your credit score. How do you know what […]...more

10 Reasons To Keep All Your Credit Cards

10 Reasons To Keep All Your Credit Cards When you’ve found yourself in more debt than you feel comfortable with, you might question how much you actually need your credit cards. You might toy with the idea of getting rid of them so you can’t accumulate more credit card debt, but is this the best […]...more

Credit Mix – How This Often Overlooked Factor Affects Your Credit

Credit Mix – How This Often Overlooked Factor Affects Your Credit We all have a basic understanding of what goes into calculating our credit score. Do you pay late or on time? Do you max out your credit cards? Do you have any debts in collections? These are all pretty common knowledge. There is one […]...more

How To Know When It’s Time To Apply For A New Credit Card

How To Know When It’s Time To Apply For A New Credit Card A new credit card comes with as many risks as benefits, so it might not always be wise to apply for one. How do we know, though, when the right time to get a new credit card is? Well, we have to […]...more

Late Payment? How Much Will This Affect Your Credit?

Late Payment? How Much Will This Affect Your Credit? If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve probably heard us tell you a few times not to make your payments late. But, why? What are the consequences? What if it’s just one late payment? To what extent will that affect your credit? The answers to […]...more

Beware The Bogus Questions When Verifying Your Identity For Credit Bureaus

Beware The Bogus Questions When Verifying Your Identity For Credit Bureaus You’re taking the plunge and ordering your credit report. You know there may be some things you don’t want to see there, but you also know it’s time to get some serious adulting done and just tear off the band-aid. If you ever want […]...more

Credit Recovery Tips – How to Stop Spending!

Struggling with lots of debt is not a death sentence. The road to credit recovery can be a lot less steep when you have the right tools working for you. ...more

How Do You Rank Among Canadian Average Credit Scores?

Often, Canadians want to know how they measure up to their fellow countrymen when it comes to credit score. Is your score better than most?...more

How Do I Check My Credit Score In Canada?

What counts as a good credit score in Canada? It’s estimated that more than 50% of all Canadians have never checked their credit score....more

Higher Interest Rates Could Be In Canada’s Future – How To Ensure You’ll Survive Them

The problem with interest rates hikes is that more than half of Canadians are just $200 away from not being able to meet their financial obligations....more

10 Ways Your Bad Credit History Will Get In The Way Of Life

The road in front of a consumer with poor credit is littered with obstacles that just aren’t there for people with good credit. Even in areas of your life that you’d never guess would be affected by poor credit are....more

10 Reasons Why Your Credit Card Application Was Denied

Credit card application denied? Applying for a credit card can get a bit tricky. Follow these steps and never get denied again!...more

Delinquency Rates Have Declined In Canada But Here’s Why We Should Still Be Concerned

The first three months of 2017 saw Canada take on more debt and the average consumer debt increase to $21,696. This number does not include mortgages....more

10 Tips For Using Your First Credit Card

Ok, so, you’re ready to start establishing some credit history and you’ve got yourself a brand new credit card to do it with. That’s a good start....more

8 Tips To Avoid Being Victimized By Predatory Lending

When the phrase, “predatory lending” is mentioned, what most people think of is payday loan companies....more

Store Charge Cards: Good or Bad for Credit?

It’s pretty tempting to sign up for store charge cards, isn’t it? They usually come with free offers or a certain percentage off your first purchase....more

Unsecured vs a Secured Credit Card – What Are the Differences?

People who suffer from poor credit and who seek out advice on how to improve their credit, are likely to come across one piece of advice more often than all the rest....more

Should I Pay For My Credit Report?

As a Canadian, you are entitled to one free credit report per year from each credit bureau operating in Canada....more

Help! My Credit Score Has Been Steadily Increasing And Now It’s Stalled! Why?

What if your credit score just stalls? What if you’ve been watching it go up and up and up and then suddenly, it just stops and stays still for months?...more

10 Tips For Dealing With A Collection Agency

It’s not fun dealing with a collection agency. We can ignore the phone calls and letters, but it’s really not going to make the problem go away....more

How To Protect Your Identity, Credit and Money While Travelling

It’s true that your risk of identity theft increases when you travel. It can be even more of a risk depending on where you go. ...more

5 Reasons Debts In Collections May Have Disappeared From Your Credit Report

It doesn’t matter why you had debts in collections. Perhaps you were young with limited knowledge of how to manage credit....more

Cheat Sheet – What Your Credit Should Look Like To Get Approved For A Mortgage

Getting approved for a mortgage is not the same as getting approved for a loan or a credit card. There are far more rigorous credit checks....more

Will My Bad Credit History Cost Me A New Job?

There are so many reasons to care about your credit score and to be interested in learning how to fix it....more

Mortgages: How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Monthly Payment

We already know that our credit score can have a huge impact on whether we get approved for mortgages....more

Should I Borrow Money With Bad Credit?

Whether you opt for secured credit products or credit that has been cosigned for, credit is still obtainable to those with bad credit....more

How Much Does Your Credit Affect What You Pay For A New Car

Let’s see a show of hands how many of you know that your credit score can actually impact the overall price you pay for a new car?...more

Life without Credit: Why You Should Reconsider

Young adults are, more than ever before, opting not to make use of credit. This is a great way to avoid getting yourself in over head in debt, but is it the best thing for your financial security?...more

Did You Know? There Is A Statute of Limitations for Debt

One of the biggest surprises you can get when you spend years avoiding collections calls, is that one day the calls may suddenly stop....more

How To Recover From Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal: A Step By Step Guide

So, you’ve gotten yourself into a little bit of credit trouble. You’ve got no other way out but to declare bankruptcy or go through a consumer proposal....more

How To Build Credit, Fast

If you’re ready to take the leap into homeownership, and are only being held back by your credit score, it can be really difficult to be patient....more

Credit Score Checklist – What You Need To Consider To Improve Your Score

So many of us tackle credit blind – we have no idea the precise factors that go into a credit score, and just assume that paying our bills is enough to get it growing. ...more

Secured Credit Cards Vs. Credit Building Programs: Which Is Better?

If you’ve struggled with credit for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard that getting yourself a secured credit card is the best way to build credit fast....more

Why Your Minimum Payment Just Isn’t Enough

Here’s a question for you: When you pay your credit card bill every month, do you meet the minimum payment or do you exceed it?...more

Why Cancelling Your Credit Cards May Result In A Lower Credit Score

While paying down your debts and being responsible with credit is always a great way to tackle poor credit, cancelling your credit cards may not be. ...more

Student Loan Debt Advice – Pay It Off!

Education is expensive in Canada. If you earned a degree or attended post-secondary learning of any kind, chances are, you’ve found yourself under a heavy student loan debt. ...more

How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know how to build your credit, different ways to save money each month, how to make best use of your credit cards, and other great money saving tips....more

10 Most Commonly Asked Credit Questions & Their Answers

Credit is complicated. Because of that, we all tend to have a lot of questions about it. ...more

I’m Paying Off My Credit Cards But My Score Is Still Dropping! Why?

So, you’re pouring money into your credit cards, trying to get that balance down as fast as you can. You’ve put your tax return on it, and the bonus you got at work....more

How Your Internet Habits Can Slow Your Credit Building

From sending someone a quick note or paying our bills online to performing our jobs & staying on top of the news, the internet is good for many things....more

Debt Hacks: Tips and Tricks To Pay Down Your Debt Faster

When you look at your debt, does it feel overwhelming? Do you feel like you’re going to be paying it down for the rest of your life?...more

Credit Myths: You Need a Credit Card to Build Credit

If you’re looking to improve your credit score as quick as possible, you might have done some research & found that most people say to get a credit card....more

Why Is My Credit Score Not Increasing?

Have you researched how to increase your credit score and still can’t seem to figure out how to build credit?...more

Credit Myth: Once You Are Divorced, Your Ex Has No Effect On Your Credit

It is often assumed that severing ties with someone you were once married to, will free you from any negative effects they will have on your credit....more

How to Improve Your Credit Score When Buying a Home

Looking how to improve your credit score so you don’t become a victim of higher interest rates? You’re in the right place....more

10 Ways Millennials Can Improve Their Credit in 2017

Recently, we found out that a very small number of millennials have excellent credit. This is for many reasons. ...more

How Many Months Does It Take To Build Credit?

When discussing how to build your credit, it’s important to note that no two people are the same....more

Rebuild Your Credit Today With a Secured Savings Program

Rebuilding your credit can seem like an insurmountable task. Especially if you’ve had to declare bankruptcy or do a consumer proposal in the past....more

How To Protect Your Credit Over The Holidays

December is a whirlwind of shopping, wrapping, visiting, and enjoying the company of loved ones. So many things seem to fall by the wayside....more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 6: Having a High Income Helps Your Credit

It seems logical that having a great, reliable income each month is something that can help boost your credit score....more

How To Survive Black Friday With Your Credit Intact

Black Friday is mostly an American phenomenon. It’s the day after their Thanksgiving that really kicks off the holiday shopping season. ...more

5 Hidden Factors Affecting Your Credit & 5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

There are many ways you can find yourself in financial trouble and struggling with a poor credit score, but rebuilding is not as scary as you may think....more

Why Millennials Have Trouble Building Credit

Remember that feeling you had about your parents while you were growing up? The feeling they had everything under control and could handle anything?...more

Americans: What You Need To Know About Credit If You Want To Move To Canada

So maybe you’re thinking of joining us up here in the Great White North for a little poutine instead of staying in the US of A....more

Why You Might Be Declined For Loans

You’ve sat through the application process and provided all the necessary paperwork. You’re waiting, nervously, for an answer....more

How To Have A Great Credit Score Without Going Into Debt

You need to have and maintain credit in order for there to be something to assess your creditworthiness. But does that mean you have to go into debt?...more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 5: Having No Credit Proves You Can Manage Debt to Lenders

Nothing seems to confuse people more than a credit score of zero. Credit scores usually span from about 350 to 850, so how can someone have a score of zero?...more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 4: Married Couples Share the Same Credit Score

You do pretty much everything together: you eat together, you watch movies together, you make big purchases together, and you raise your kids together....more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 3: It’s Best To Turn Down Credit Limit Increases

One day, you get a letter in the mail saying your credit card provider has decided you’re...more

How Much Credit Is Too Much Credit?

The Canadian Payroll Association recently found out that nearly half of all working Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck....more

How to Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report

On Monday, we talked about how to read your credit report. You’ve scanned it and perhaps grimaced as you looked over your...more

How to Read Your Credit Report

You’re lucky you stopped by here today, because today is the day you learn what each part of that credit report means for you....more

The Four ‘P’s of Spending for Good Credit

Maxing out your credit cards isn’t going to help your credit rating, but that’s a no brainer....more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 2: I Only Have One Credit Score

Since you first started borrowing money and using credit, you’ve known you have a credit score and a credit report....more

How Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Affect Your Credit Score In Canada

We all know that bankruptcy doesn’t do your credit score any good. But do you know exactly how it will affect your credit in Canada?...more

6 Reasons Why We Need to be Talking About Credit

Most people don’t know their credit score. Many of those people avoid looking for fear of what they might find....more

How Your Credit Score Can Be Costing You Money

Did you know that your credit score directly affects the interest rates you’re eligible for? This can have a huge impact on your...more

These Things Are Damaging Your Credit, Canadians

Do you know everything that will damage your credit score? Sadly, the answer is no, most of us don’t know everything that can...more

Credit Myths Debunked Part 1: Timely Bill Payments Boost Your Credit

It’s pretty common to come across someone who says their credit is being built by paying their bills on time (it isn’t). So how do you boost your credit?...more

5 Smartphone Apps to Help Rebuild Your Credit

Actively working towards a better credit score can be a lot of work. Luckily we live in the day and age we do, because there is tons of...more

Don’t Let Pokémon Go Get You Into Credit Trouble

If you live in a populated area, you’ve probably noticed the sudden influx of people trudging along like zombies, staring at their...more

Demar DeRozan is Building Credit

“It’s like we always got the short end of the stick. I always took pride and passion in wanting to change that.” In a lot of ways, we all feel like Demar....more

What Credit Means For Your Vacations

What credit means for your vacations. If you don’t have credit and you want to travel, you know how frustrating and difficult it can be....more

The 5 Most Common Ways Canadians Get Into Credit Trouble

Yesterday, we counted down the best ways to get out of credit trouble. Today, we’re looking at the 5 most common ways Canadians get into credit trouble....more

The 5 Easiest Ways To Build Credit As A Canadian

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had some credit trouble at one point or another. So what are the 5 easiest ways to rebuild credit as a Canadian?...more

What is Credit?

Credit. We’ve all heard the word used, and used it ourselves. You might have a little credit yourself. So what is credit?...more

A Song of Debt and Credit

A Lannister always pay his debts, but what about the other houses? Who has the best credit score? Let’s take a look at ‘A song of Debt and Credit’....more

Credit Reporting and Financial Security

Credit reporting is more important than ever. But what happens when the credit profile you see isn’t really your information at all?...more

Want to understand more about your credit?

Sometimes understanding your credit report can be overwhelming or confusing. ...more

How Important is Your Credit Score?

Your credit score may not seem that important to you....more

Why Refresh

Like many ideas, Refresh was conceived to solve a simple problem. I was applying for financing to purchase our first home when the unexpected occurred....more

The True Cost of Credit

We live in a society driven by credit. Not only used to gain access to funds, your credit history is used to open a bank account, rent a home, and get a job....more

Do You Understand Your Credit Score?

Do you know how your credit is broken down? I wanted to take a moment to explain the different areas that are taken into account....more

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