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How To Save Money Quickly: The 50/20/30 Rule

There’s this idea many people have that saving money is difficult. It’s something that seems unattainable, but it’s really not. Enter the 50/20/30 rule....more

How To Stay Motivated to Pay Off Your Debts After the Pandemic

Many Canadians have the goal to pay off their debts, and were probably working to achieve their goal when the pandemic hit, throwing a wrench in the works. However, once the pandemic is over, and life has somewhat returned to normal, it’s important to get back on track, and stay motivated to continue paying off […]...more

Spending Less During the Pandemic? You’re Not Alone

  Many Canadians lucky enough to still have an income of any kind are discovering they’re actually saving money during the pandemic. With bars, stores, spas, movie theatres, restaurants and more closed due to COVID-19, there’s simply nowhere for people to spend their money. Plus, many people are now working from home, saving on their […]...more

How to cut costs when you’ve lost your income

Cutting unnecessary costs during COVID-19. If you are one of the many Canadians that have suddenly lost their income due to COVID-19, you’re probably scrambling to meet your financial obligations. Cutting out unnecessary expenses is the number one thing that you can start doing today to help you survive this difficult time. There are many […]...more

If You’ve Lost Your Income, Here’s How To Save on Your Grocery Bill

It feels like food is just getting more and more expensive, doesn’t it? Like your grocery bills are higher than ever. ...more

10 Budget Tips for the Holidays

It’s that season again – but calm down – your financial situation doesn’t have to freeze over like that pond-turned-ice-skating-rink in your backyard. ...more

6 Ways To Save This Holiday Season

Holiday season has unofficially begun! All your favourite stores are decked out in Christmas gear, and everything smells like pine and cinnamon....more

7 Smart Ways To Save Money Fast

Saving money never goes out of fashion. While this year is already more than half-way through, it’s never too late to start setting money aside and saving for the rainy day. Here are some of the strategies you can use to save money every month. Use a Budget App The first step in getting your […]...more

Are you an impulse shopper? 5 ways to build your savings.

I am definitely an impulse shopper and enjoy purchasing things such as shoes and clothing. Even though I have enough of each, I keep buying more. There are things that set off my impulse shopping, and I’ve been finding ways to cope and start to build my savings. Here are some potential causes that may […]...more

5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the season to… go into debt? If we’re being honest, that’s what it feels like, right?...more

Affordable Stocking Stuffer Ideas For All You Money-Smart Shoppers

Half the fun of Christmas morning is digging into your stocking and seeing what knick-knacks the jolly old elf brought you....more

10 Gift Cards Everyone Will Want In Their Stocking

Gift cards often make it easy to give to many people during the season. You can usually buy them all in one place and get that part of your shopping done....more

2 Must-Have Apps For A Cheaper Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, which can mean we’re already bracing ourselves for loads of money stress. After listing all the people you want to buy gifts for, you can feel your money just draining away (learn how to shorten your shopping list here). If you’re not careful, there could be a mountain of debt […]...more

Festive Life Hacks: How to Save Money On Christmas Decorations

Even if you set gifts aside, Christmas is expensive. And decorations are a big expense if your family loves to get into the Christmas spirit....more

5 Ways To Shorten Your Christmas Shopping List

  There are few constants in life that we can bank on, but there is one: Christmas is expensive. Sometimes it can feel like there’s no escaping the expense of Christmas and astronomical credit card debt in the New Year. Luckily, this is a myth that’s easily dismantled. We’re going to take a look at […]...more

Save Your Dough: 12 DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is just before the holidays. It’s a time when, really, you should be saving your money to soften the blow of Christmas....more

Trick, Treat or Don’t Bother: What Not To Give Out This Halloween

The pumpkins are out in full force, which means that it’s just a matter of time before little ghosts and goblins end up on your doorstep begging for candy. ...more

10 Tips For Saving A Down Payment For A House

Making the decision to buy a house means you’re going to have to scrape together a down payment, which why many Canadians aren’t homeowners yet....more

Tips For Finding The Motivation To Stay On Budget

  So you’ve finally taken that first step and made yourself a budget. Unfortunately, the next part is the hardest. Now, you have to stick to your budget. That means discipline, self-control and a whole lot of motivation. But what if self-control isn’t your strong suit and the lure of shiny new things are more […]...more

The Case For Paying With Cash

  The nature of using credit products means exposing yourself to a certain level of spending temptation. We’re all human, so let’s face it, we’ve all made poor decisions with our credit cards. But what do you do if the ability to spend poses too much of a temptation for you to handle? It might […]...more

How To Know When It’s Time To Sell Your Car

  People buy and sell cars for many different reasons. You might want a new ride, or maybe you have to upgrade to a larger vehicle to run a home business. Classic wisdom tells us that it’s usually better to hang on to your car for as long as you can. No matter how much […]...more

Are You Spending Too Much On Housing?

  If you’re in the market to purchase your first home, you might be wondering what percentage of your income should be going towards your housing costs. Traditional thinking is around the 25% mark, with some experts suggesting anywhere below 30%. The problem with these figures is that in some cities in Canada, it’s almost […]...more

21 Days To Make A Habit: How To Live On A Budget

Living on a budget is never fun, and we’d all love to be able to live in a world where we can spend freely without any consequences. But this isn’t reality. Life is expensive, and living beyond your means will lead to disaster. If you’re wondering how to live on a budget, we’ve got good […]...more

Your 2017 Holiday Spending Plan

How to avoid post-holiday credit debt this holiday season How much do you spend during Christmas holidays? Did you know that the average Canadian spends about $1500 every year during the holiday shopping season? For some, this can lead to excess debt and can make the holiday season a stressful time of year. After assessing the […]...more

What To Do If Your Employer Does Not Offer A Retirement Plan?

  Canadians who are employed full-time typically have retirement plans built into their employment, and employers will often match your RRSP contributions as a benefit of your employment. However, that’s not always the case with some of us. If you’re working for an employer who does not offer a retirement plan, what are you supposed […]...more

You Could Be Earning Hundreds Of Dollars In Rewards – Are You?

  Recently, Bond Brand Loyalty released a report that suggested Canadians are sitting on $16 billion worth of unused loyalty points. At over $600 per Canadian, that’s a lot of dough! In Canada, you could be earning hundreds of dollars in rewards that are going unspent, all that loyalty wasted. Are you making use of […]...more

5 Reasons Why Strata Fees Aren’t So Bad

  With the prices of houses in Canada as high as they are, many Canadians are considering purchasing townhomes or condos that come with strata fees. At first glance, most of us will roll our eyes and groan, “I don’t want to deal with strata”. They mean monthly fees and nosey neighbors, right? Sure. In some […]...more

Top 10 Ways Canadians Are Wasting Money Every Month

Our Top Tips To Save You Money Every Month Are you wasting money every month? When you’re trying to save, it’s an important question to ask yourself since personal debt among Canadians is growing at an uncomfortable rate. Some of the following hacks might only save you a little, but when combined, they can add […]...more

Quick Guide: Ensuring You’re Getting A Good Deal On Your Car!

  Before you start!  5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Car Resisting the allure of a new car is difficult, especially if you’ve just had to spend a mint repairing your existing vehicle. It’s easy to convince yourself you need to make this massive purchase, but a lot of us need to […]...more

With Transit Costs Rising, Are You Still Saving Money By Taking The Bus?

                                         It’s long been accepted that next walking or biking, taking the bus is an economical way to get around. Forget the purchase price of a car, insurance, maintenance and the cost of filling it up […]...more

The Quick And Easy Guide To Saving For Students

  As a student, you might be barely scraping by, and the idea of saving could seem nearly impossible. Outside of starving yourself, which some of you are already doing, how can you begin to save some money? Well, here is the quick and easy guide to saving for students. Find A Job This seems […]...more

Are Unnecessary Bank Fees Costing You Money Every Month?

Cut everyday banking fees to save money to pay down debt Not many of us pay attention to the details of our bank accounts and sometimes we pay hidden charges without realizing it. Are unnecessary bank fees costing you money every month? And is there a way to reduce that cost? The answer to that […]...more

10 Tips To Curb Your Online Impulse Buying

  The convenience of online shopping is second to none, so it’s no wonder why we spend so much time and money online. With one-click payments becoming the norm, it’s becoming increasingly easy to over-spend without thinking about it. No matter how easy it is, online shopping is never worth the potential debt. Here are […]...more

Tips & Tricks To Save For A Down Payment On A House

  Trying to save up for a down payment can seem daunting, especially if you already live paycheck to paycheck. Even though the market in Canada is tough, Canadian families are still managing to do it. Here are some great tips & tricks to save for a down payment on a house. 1. Set Up […]...more

Rules Of Thumb For Saving Money

  Have you ever listened to those self-made financial gurus give their advice on how to save money and build wealth? They all have their own tips and tricks on how to become financially successful. Recently, a discussion broke out on the popular social media platform, Reddit, that discussed the topic of money saving. The […]...more

10 Expensive Habits You Could Drop To Pay Your Debts

  Are you struggling to see your debts go down each month? When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it can be tough to find wiggle room in your budget to put towards debt. In your frustration, you might be tempted to believe that it’s futile to even try, but don’t give up! Most of us […]...more

Nine Tips To Avoid Credit Card Debt This Summer

  Next to Christmas, summer tends to be the time where we spend the most. Road trips, eating out and holidays. Money can just slip through our fingers during the summer months. It’s important to prepare for the temptation to overspend and take a few preemptive steps to help us hold on to our hard-earned […]...more

8 Tips For Successful Budgeting

We all know that the best way to ensure we’re living within our means is by budgeting our money. It’s easier said than done, though, isn’t it?...more

Did You Know About These Fees to Budget for When Buying a House?

Buying a home is complicated. When you first venture into homeownership, it honestly feels like you’re bombarded with rules and advice, tips and fine print....more

How to Earn Cash Back On Your Online Purchases

Over three-quarters of all Canadians shop online and it’s pretty obvious why. Life just seems to get busier and busier....more

3 New Choices For Saving Money On Television

Cable television is quickly becoming obsolete. You can watch just about everything you want to watch on the internet, even live shows....more

How To Save Money On Your Last Will and Testament

It is nobody’s favourite topic, but sometimes we just have to talk about it. Your last will and testament....more

5 Spots In Canada Where You Can Buy A Nice Home For Less Than $300k

There is a housing crisis going on in Canada, right? I mean, the average nice home in Canada costs no less than half a million dollars....more

6 Ways Spring And Summer Can Save You Money

The warm air is finally here! Birds greet us in the morning, the sun is always shining and everything seems to be green and blooming. ...more

12 Ways To Save Your Data And Avoid Overage Charges

We’ve all done it: turned off wifi on our phones briefly and forgotten to turn it back on. Perhaps for a week or more, you’ve gone without having wifi on, absentmindedly forgetting you’d turned it off. When you finally realize you’ve had wifi off for all this time and you’ve been using straight data, you […]...more

Tips and Tricks To Save On Car Repair Bills

Whether you love or loathe your car, your treatment of it can impact on your wallet. And the more neglect it takes, the higher your repair bills will be....more

7 Ways To Save Money Caring For Your Pets

Pets can be so expensive! Veterinary care, food, medicine, grooming, training, dog walking, pet sitting, etc, etc....more

The 7 Day No Spending Challenge – Can You Do It?

Think about everything you spend your money on in a week. Take a good, long ponder and try to remember everything. It’s hard to think of it all, isn’t it?...more

7 Ways To Kickstart Your Savings

So, you’ve decided you’re going to be a saver. You’ve spent enough time broke and living paycheck to paycheck and have decided all that’s about to change....more

Checking These 5 Things on a Regular Basis Can Save You a Mint

As life gets busier for us Canadians, we have a tendency to drop more and more tasks from our daily to-do lists that don’t seem crucial....more

Ways To Save Money – The 52-Week Challenge

If you’ve struggled with saving money, the problem could be the lack of an easily attainable goal. ...more

How To Save Money At The Movies

Movies are expensive to go see in the theatres and they only seem to get more so every year. The snack bar alone could make your mortgage cry....more

10 Easy Foods You Can Grow At Home To Save on Groceries

We’ve covered a lot of ground with groceries being expensive but we haven’t touched on foods you can grow at home....more

BC Residents Can Cash In Up To $12k When Buying a Vehicle

At the beginning of February, the government of British Columbia announced some major changes to the Clean Energy Vehicle Program....more

Save On Spring Cleaning: DIY Cleaning Products

As grocery bills climb higher and higher, one area of spending that some may overlook is cleaning products. The cost of these items is soaring....more

5 Inexpensive and Memorable Valentine’s Day Ideas

Some of you who aren’t fans of this Hallmark holiday are probably grumbling right now. Especially if you’re out of Valentine’s Day ideas that aren’t cheesy....more

10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Spring is on the horizon. That means some of you are probably knee deep in wedding plans, and wondering how you can save money on your wedding....more

Impulse Buying: How to Beat It

Before you head out with your wallets this weekend, think about what impulse buying is, and recognize the factors that lead to you impulse buying....more

10 Tips to Save on Your Phone Bill

Mobile phone bills are one of our biggest expenses in 2017. Households used to share one landline, with few bells and whistles and it used to cost pennies....more

Do It Now: Save Money on Expensive Winter Gear

Around this time of year, we aren’t really thinking about stocking up on our winter clothes, but rather, looking forward to not needing them anymore....more

10 Ways To Find Easy-To-Use and Useful Coupons

It seems to take an extreme amount of time and effort to get huge discounts. Shouldn’t it be easier to find useful coupons?...more

Save Money: How To Get Fit For Free

There are so many ways to get fit without money. Here are a few ideas for how to get fit for free....more

5 YouTube Channels That Will Save You Money

YouTube is not just for makeup gurus & pranksters anymore! No, there is a new trend that’s picking up speed on YouTube that just might save you some money....more

How To Get Rid Of Your Cable Bill: Intro to Cord-Cutting

Like many Canadians, you probably only watch live television occasionally, opting instead for streaming services like Netflix or shows you have PVR’d....more

How does Amazon Prime compare to Netflix

In December, Amazon launched its Prime Video service to Canadians. After a long wait, Canadians can finally enjoy some of the titles exclusive to Amazon....more

5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries in 2017

Rising food prices actually slowed for the first time in a very long time in 2016, but forecasts for 2017 don’t look like we’ll be on the same path....more

New Year, New Me: 8 Good Money Habits To Adopt This Year

Some say New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, but let’s approach the New Year differently. If you want your money situation to be better this year, I say we make a habit of it. Or maybe eight habits. 2019 is the year you’re going to turn your finances around if you take up […]...more

What’s the Best App for Your New Year’s Eve Playlist?

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and we all want to ensure we have the right tunes all ready to go....more

Christmas Clean-Up Tips and Tricks

There are two types of people when it comes to cleaning up after Christmas: you either look forward to getting back to normal, or you leave it until March....more

How To Pay It Forward This Holiday Season For Free

You pull up to the pay window and hold out your debit card, only to have the attendant tell you the car in front of you had paid for your order already....more

Boxing Week Sales: Worth The Lines?

Boxing week is nearing, and the promises of incredible savings are everywhere. As Canadians, many of us take our boxing week sales seriously....more

Tips and Tricks For Beginner Savers

Saving money. It sounds easy. Just collect it and don’t spend it, right? Well, not quite....more

Canadian Designated Driving Services For The Holidays

This time of year, we are out and about like crazy and it seems everywhere we go, we need to figure out how we’re going to get home safely. ...more

Credit Cards: Using Loyalty Points to Your Advantage

There are countless credit cards out there that offer you rewards of some kind. These rewards card can come in many different forms....more

10 Cheaper Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

When you add everything up at the end of the holidays, it seems wrapping your gifts absorbs a lot of your budget and time....more

8 Easy DIY Gifts to Give This Season

On just about every list with tips to save money this holiday season, you’re going to find the suggestion that you make your own gifts....more

6 Affordable Winter Activities

Now that temperatures are falling all across Canada, it seems like the only outdoor activities are the really expensive ones....more

Canada’s Best In-Store Brand Is Gourmet Quality For Less

What if I told you that in-store brand often tastes better and delivers more quality per bite than the gourmet brands that cost twice as much?...more

Tips For Saving Money Entertaining This Holiday Season

When the holiday season is in full swing, it’s that time of year we try to make time to see everyone, and that usually means a lot of hosting....more

5 Websites To Watch Free Movies, Documentaries and Television

You can stop spending on movies because there are plenty of places on the World Wide Web that offer loads of great movies for free. ...more

The Case For Pet Insurance

For most pet owners, our animals are as much a part of the family as anyone else. We care about their wellbeing, and hope they live a long, happy life....more

Now’s Your Chance To Save On Next Halloween!

By the time Halloween is over, we’re tired and ready to put it all away. The candy lingers, but the decorations and costumes go back in the garage....more

10 Ways To Save Money On Gas

Gas is often looked over as an expense we can’t avoid, and while to some extent this is true, it is an expense we can reduce quite significantly....more

Higher Education: How to Get Your Boss to Cough up Your Tuition

Higher education is both horribly expensive and a good way to a bigger paycheck. Sometimes it can feel almost like a catch-22. ...more

How To Save Money Keeping Your Pet Healthy

16 years ago I walked into a pet shelter and fell in love with my pup. The first few months with him weren’t the easiest as he was prone to ear infections and had multiple other medical complications....more

5 Ways To Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey For Free

The best thing about fall is the food. The harvested veggies are fresh, the pumpkin spice craze is in full swing and Thanksgiving is just around the corner....more

10 Ways To Make Money At Home That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago

The internet age has brought with it a ton of new professions, from software developer to network specialist, social media marketer to digital strategists....more

Harvest Time: 8 Cheap and Seemingly Bottomless Fall Dinners

Food can be expensive. It can be a huge drag on your bank account and on your energy levels. Trying to keep costs down while serving up dishes everyone loves is not always the easiest thing to do. ...more

6 Tips For Lowering Your Heating Bill

Hey fellow Canadian. You know, winter is just around the corner. We’re barely out of summer, but it’s about time to start turning the thermostat up....more

Home Brewing: Is Brewing Your Own Beer Really Cheaper?

You probably have that one buddy who brew his own beer. He’s sure he’s onto the next greatest thing and he loves to remind you...more

Save Money On Tutoring: 10 Cheap Resources for Afterschool Study

It can be pretty costly to get your child a tutor and help them through their educational...more

How To Make Money On YouTube

Many of the popular YouTubers on the video network are amateurs at best… and that’s kinda the point. You don’t need to be a pro to make money on YouTube....more

Five Weekend Activities That Won’t Break The Bank

Whether you’re off to see a movie, grab a plate of sashimi, or spend the day at an amusement park, it kinda seems like everything is...more

A Step-by-Step Guide To Cheaper, Easier and Healthier School Lunches

With all the nut allergies and the rising costs of healthy food, packing school lunches for your kids can be one of life’s greatest puzzles....more

10 Ways People Are Making Money With Pokémon Go

A single game has changed the lives of kids and adults around the world, getting them outdoors, being active and meeting new people....more

10 Ways to Save on Your Back to School Shopping

It’s that sweet, sweet time of year again, when we’re gearing up to send our kids off to school. It means more time to get things done...more

Money Saving Tips: Make The Most Of Canada’s Top Four Points Programs

All you need is to remain loyal to our four Canadian points programs, and you’ll...more

Is Netflix Worth The Cost?

It’s finally Friday and I know many of you are looking forward to sitting down, kicking back and catching up on some of your favourite shows and movies....more

Beware These Hidden Travel Fees

Beware these hidden travel fees. There is one inescapable truth about every holiday: you’re going to spend more than you planned....more

Which Is Cheaper: Camping Vs. Hotels?

Which Is Cheaper: Camping Vs. Hotels? Road trips are a ton of fun, and can be cheaper than other types of travel if you approach it with some smarts....more

7 Crucial Tips For Booking Your Vacation Online

It’s the ultimate convenience, and saves a ton of time, but how do you know you’re getting the best deals?...more

The World’s Most Affordable Vacation Destinations

The world’s most affordable vacation destinations aren’t always in your comfort zone – heading out further into the world can get you an affordable vacay....more

How To Save Money On Your Road Trips This Summer

We’ve been talking a lot about saving money lately, so today we’re going to show you how to save money on your road trips this summer!...more

10 Sites That Can Help You Save On Everyday Purchases

Let’s celebrate Friday with savings! We’ve found 10 sites that can help you save on everyday purchases, and keep those hard earned dollars in your bank....more

Is Bad Timing Losing You Money On Common Purchases?

Let’s be honest. Most of you just go about your regular purchases without really thinking about timing much, don’t you?...more

You Won’t Believe How Much You’ll Save If You Eliminate These 5 Daily Habits

You Won’t Believe How Much You’ll Save If You Eliminate These 5 Daily Habits. Let’s look at some easy ways to save money (and time) in your daily routine....more

Keep Your Costs Down as Gas Prices Go Up

Whether or not it’s time to fill up, every time you drive by a gas station and glance at the price, it is a constant game of monitoring the fluctuation....more

Save Cash on your Phone Bill

Phone plans vary as much as your specific favourite latte. They are customizable to your needs and the cost varies accordingly. ...more

Simple Ways to Cut Costs

New Year’s resolutions and saving money go hand and hand. Next to working on your waistline, trimming your expenses tops the list for many....more

What’s Your Coffee Costing You?

I’ll never forget when frequent coffee customers that I served while in university, stopped coming in for their extra large caramel macchiato every day. ...more

The Dangers of Impulse Shopping

The average Canadian spends $310 on impulse purchases. How do you know if you are one of these people? ...more

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